Question 8: (back)

Write a program that reads an eight-bit unsigned integer and a 16-bit unsigned integer from the user that computes and displays the sum and the absolute value of the difference of these two numbers.

program Question8;

#include( "stdlib.hhf" );

    a: int32;
    b: int32;

    tmp1: int32;
    tmp2: int32;
    done: boolean := false;

begin Question8;
    stdout.put( "Please enter an integer between 0..256: " );
    movzx( al, ax );
    mov( eax, a );

    stdout.put( "Please enter an integer beteen 0..65535: " );
    movzx( ax, eax );
    mov( eax, b );

    // Calculate the sum
    mov( a, eax );
    mov( eax, tmp1 );
    mov( b, eax );
    add( eax, tmp1 );
    stdout.put( "a + b = ", tmp1, nl);

    // Calculate the difference
    mov( b, eax );
    mov( eax, tmp2 );
    mov( a, eax );
    sub( eax, tmp2 );
    stdout.put( "b - a = ", tmp2, nl );
end Question8;